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Minhaj Ali Khan Chairman Midlink Group




Minhaj Ali Khan


Midlink Group Chairman  Mr. Minhaj Ali Khan  founded  and established Midlink Group of Companies over three decades ago with a commitment and dedication, which has been a cornerstone of the group’s strategic intent. This commitment has been demonstrated through our collaboration with private entities designed to deliver high quality products and services backed up by real experience.

Midlink Group of Companies was first established in the UAE in 1977 and began as a trading and consulting company. It was incorporated in Pakistan in 1980.The company began its inception in Pakistan in Real Estate Development, then branched off into providing Advertising and Promotional activities and Consultancy Services.

During this period a joint venture company with DHL was also established and was called DHL Pakistan Ltd. The group also entered the energy sector by establishing a joint venture company with FAUJI FOUNDATION. This company was called LIFELINE (PVT) LTD. It was primarily in the storage, refilling and marketing LPG in cylinders.

In 1986 MIDLINK TECHNICAL SERVICES was formed to provide engineering services support to the Oil and Gas Sector and was the only services company providing engineering services in LPG sector.

The group pioneered the development and promotion of (CNG) compressed natural gas as an environmentally friendly fuel for automotive applications through ECOTEC CNG (Pvt) LTD. Commencement of sales and marketing of diesel generator sets manufactured locally by a reputed manufacturer and generator sets imported from other countries required special resources to match customer needs.

MIDLINK GROUP with its tradition of introducing innovative ideas and new resources developed and launched its textile export venture in partnership with some of the leading textile and garments manufacturers.


  Fazal Ali Khan


Fazal Ali Khan, Vice President of MGI, has been at the forefront of CNG/NGV developments in the region, having been designated as Vice President of Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicle Association (ANGVA) since 2003, a position that he still holds thus making him the longest serving Vice President of ANGVA.

He remained the Chairman of the ANGVA Safety Advisory Panel (ASAP) whose primary objective is to investigate / analyze CNG/NGV related incidents and accidents in the Asia Pacific Region and provide safety advice / recommendations based on what is learnt from these investigations to further enhance safety of the CNG/NGV Industry in the region.

A well-known figure within the CNG/NGV fraternity he is very active as speaker at various forums around the world

With more than 30 years of experience in the compressed gas industry, Fazal began this part of his career by setting up LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) storage and bottling plants after undergoing extensive training with Kosan Crisplant, Denmark and Calor Gas UK.

He was responsible in establishing the first LPG cylinder refurbishment plant in Pakistan, thereby providing a much needed service in the inspection, reconditioning of LPG cylinders, being used by the LPG marketing companies.

 In 1990, he under took a specialized course in Alternative Fuels, for the transportation sector namely, LPG and CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) at the Auckland University in New Zealand, thereby becoming an “Alternate Fuels Specialist” certified by the New Zealand Motor Industry Board.

He used this accreditation extensively, initially in Pakistan where the CNG/NGV /industry was beginning to take hold and become one of the fastest growing industries in the world with more than 2.8 million vehicles converted to operate on CNG.

His experience was utilized many other countries around the world where extensive NGV (natural Gas Vehicle) programs were underway, such as Abu Dhabi/Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Central Asian Republics Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other countries in the South East Asia.

Expanding his career further, Fazal undertook specialized training in the design and manufacture of high pressure compressors, first with Norwalk Compressors USA wherein he set up a factory approved CNG Packing Unit in Export Free Zone in Sharjah, UAE. where complete CNG Refueling stations were packaged and exported in the Middle East, Asia and South East Asia.

This was followed by his joining LEOBERSDORFER MACHINENFABRIK (LMF) world renowned high pressure compressor manufacturer from Austria as Area Sales Manager, ensuring an efficient after sales support program to the valued LMF customers, in the Middle East, Central Asian Republics, Asia, South East Asia including China, Korea and Japan.

Subsequently in 2010, he joined Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) a wholly owned subsidy of the Government of Dubai as CNG Development Manager, responsible to establish a robust CNG refueling infrastructure in the modern city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

He is currently based in Dallas Texas and working on projects here and internationally.



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